Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The Travel Bug's 3 Fascinating Facts About Las Ramblas

The Travel Bug's 3 Fascinating Facts - Las Ramblas

TTB was taking a well earned break with his humans in beautiful Barcelona last week and has stuffed his shell with so many fascinating facts that he can't fit them all into just one post.   Welcome to TTB's Barça blogs! ¡Bienvenidos a todos! 

On his first day, he caught the metro (bugs ride free in Spain) and made his way to Las Ramblas to find out what all the fuss is about.   This is what he discovered:

  • TTB has always been confused as to why some of his Spanish amigos refer to the area as 'La Rambla' and others as 'Las Ramblas'.   As it turns out, La Rambla is the singular street bearing the name.   Las Ramblas is a succession of 5 streets that connect Placa Cataluyna and Port Vell.    These are:  Rambla de Canaletes; Rambla del Estudis; Rambla de Les flors; Rambla dels Caputxins and Rambla de Santa Monica.   

  • Before being transformed into the modern shopping district it now is, Las Ramblas was a sandy area leading to the port.   In fact, that's how it gets its name.  The word 'ramla' is the Arabic for 'sandy riverbed'.  TTB likes it much better now that that there are lots of tapas bars around.    Sandy riverbeds really don't sound like that much fun to him.  

  • There are technically six areas to Las Ramblas, but the last part wasn't introduced until 1994 and is therefore not included in the historic boulevard.   Rambla de Mar is the final piece of road that leads to the fabulous port and marina in Barca.     Maybe one day, it'll be considered old enough to join in all the fun.    TTB would like that.   

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Las Ramblas to share with The Travel Bug?

TTB x 

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

The Travel Bug's 3 Fascinating Facts About Siena

The travel Bug - SIena

When The Travel Bug was on his Tuscan tour with his humans, he popped over to the beautiful city of Siena to have a look around and see what fascinating facts it had to offer.

This is what he found out:

  • The very first bank on the planet, the Monte dei Paschi di Siena, was founded in 1472 in the city. TTB doesn't really like banks that much.  He prefers to keep his Euros in his shell.

  • Siena is home to the second tallest tower in the whole of Italy, and one of it's most visited tourist attractions, the Torre del Mangia.  TTB climbed all the way to the top and can confirm that it is, indeed, very high.   Way too high for a little bug.

  • Siena is a haven for popular sports, including football and basketball, but is also famous for being the start and end location for the Strade Bianchi, a professional cycling race, covering more than 50k. The race finishes at Piazza del Campo in the old city. TTB can't use a bike as his little legs are too short.   

Do you have any more fascinating facts about Siena to share with The Travel Bug?